Yana Radko – Always Prepared

Benefits of gymnastics

Yana Radko is a talented Rhythmic Gymnastic teacher.

@yanaradko Stretching Twine in elevator
@yanaradko_ Stretching Twine in elevator

Yana Radko say about Pole Dance:

Everyone who believes that pole dance is a striptease, i invite you to endure at least 15 minutes of warm up in my classes.

Yana radko

His career and knowledge of Yana Radko are extensive:

@yanaradko Stretching
@yanaradko_ Stretching

I am a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics, i dedicated 16 years of my life to this skill, i do not regret anything.

Yana radko
@yanaradko Stretching Twine in Car
@yanaradko_ Stretching Twine in Car

Due to quarantine, she currently teaches online and say about that:

For me, online training was strange for me, but when Spring Intensive started, i radically changed my mind about online. This is a great opportunity to join my training sessions from other cities, and even countries.

Yana Radko
Stretching Twine

She is wonderful and an amazing woman.

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