When you bored at home

Stretching is always a good idea

For Kasia Bielecka, this is a routine day, normal to stretch and relax, while doing daily activities.

But for us who can barely stretch our leg, Kasia Bielecka’s talent is amazing.

@kasiabielecka Train anytime anywhere
@kasiabielecka_ Train anytime, anywhere

Kasia Bielecka’s dedication is so much that she seizes new opportunities to perform a stretch.

It is not that it stretches everywhere like giving a show, rather, choose the moment and with the help of a camera, capture the moment to later share it with your fans.

Surely many of us wish we could do some of those stretches, at least to relax our muscles.

@kasiabielecka Smiling
@kasiabielecka_ Smiling

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