Training hard pays off

My dream is to train with her one day.

There is no doubt that getting a well-toned body takes time, sacrifice and effort.

These tireless girls show how they have reached such a high level of muscle. That fat is almost non-existent when one of them is boxing with the other girl’s butt

Having a little body fat is healthy, but there are people who train so hard that they almost eliminate it from the body.

Niveles de maestría de contorsionismo

The case of these athletes is extreme and their training has produced an enviable silhouette.

@michelle lewin Super fit lady
@michelle_lewin Super fit lady

Her muscles have been toned almost to look like rock. However, she still keeps the natural fat in the area which helps to look good.

There are people who want to burn even the tiniest fat, forgetting that there is a natural body fat that is even good for health.

@michelle lewin Beautiful flat stomach
@michelle_lewin Beautiful flat stomach

It is always good to keep in mind that muscles also have their limits and these can even be damaged without proper use.

Training will pay off but we must be persitent.

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