To overtake with style

To overtake level "Toreto"

An uncontrolled car surpasses the other that with its camera records the epic event, which does not end in any disaster or accident.

Although in this gifs it seems that this was a precise act and carried out with talent, due to the weather we understand that it happened like those times when we threw a coin and it remained standing, not even heads or tails, just standing from its edge, anyway , a total coincidence, combined with a little skill.

Of course there are skilled motorists who have the ability to do tricks that surprise even the most skeptical.

In fact, professionals of the steering wheel are hired as stuntmen in risky movies, where the use of cars and the combination with speed are frequent.

These professionals achieve feats that hook us to the seat in movies, making us feel an adrenaline overflowing from the moment in question.

Unfortunately, there are also many steering wheel belts that eventually end up causing unwanted accidents.

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