The cat wants fish

Kitten fooled by the cell phone

In this gifs we see how a kitten tries to catch little fish from the screen of a mobile device.

Cats are very curious and you can enjoy them a lot thanks to this beautiful detail of their nature. But sometimes it can be irritating when we have things that can throw and break.

Curiosity is a quality that cats can help to awaken in us, certainly good company when we want to raise our visual or curious capacity from day to day.

Although cats are very stray and that makes us lose much of their curiosity, when they are at home we can enjoy this quality, we can even create games, such as following a bond or a light that we direct from our hands, if we have captured their attention we can entertain ourselves together with them.

Cats are one of the domestic animals that together with dogs we can greatly enjoy without representing a great danger to our environment.

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