Sara Lopez Kizomba Lady Styling

Nourish your body with dance.

Sara López has managed to travel the world thanks to her talent in dance, constantly standing out in choreography and Kizomba.

On one of her trips, Sara López managed to take a photo in one of the urban arts, dedicated to the renowned Selena Quintanilla.

@saralopezofficial street art Selena Quintanilla
@saralopezofficial street art Selena Quintanilla

In addition to being a dancing eminence, Sara López transmits great satisfaction for dancing and her joy is transmitted.

Her talent has made her a role model teacher.

@saralopezofficial very happy
@saralopezofficial smiling

In addition to Sara López, we also have Macarena Paton in this wonderful world of dance, who is an extraordinary dancer, the levels of these two girls are surprising.

Macarena Paton dance bachata

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