Rescuing The Cat

The cat is in trouble ... I think not

The rescue is an act motivated to achieve the good of others, often exposing their own to unsuspected dangers.

In this case it is seen that it is about helping a kitten, it must be understood sometimes that in the case of cats it is not that they do not have the ability to get out of certain circumstances in which they are involved, rather it is their intention to get the attention of someone they appreciate.

As can be seen in this case, he has no attachment to who went to rescue him and therefore fled from him, managing to get out of the hole he had entered.

But remembering the important point of the topic, the motivation of a rescue is important to keep in mind, especially it is good because sometimes the rescue personnel are undervalued or little taken into account when they are at rest.

However, without the work of these people prepared to help us, many more lives would be lost in rescue cases. A warm greeting to all the rescue bodies in the world.

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