Pigeon salutes Putin

Pigeon saluting Vladimir Putin

A pigeon appears 'saluting' Russian president Vladimir Putin.

A video purportedly showing a pigeon raising its wing as if it were “saluting” Russian President Vladimir Putin spread on social media.

Setting aside the fact that this pigeon most likely does not know who Vladimir Putin is or know how to salute, we still know the winged motion shown in this footage is fake.

In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin was ignored by the humble pigeon while walking in the grounds of the Rogozhskaya Zastava Spiritual Centre, Moscow.

As the president greeted the little bird, it simply wandered away from his waving hand.

The original video simply showed Vladimir Putin and an uninterested pigeon passing each other on the streets of Moscow:

However, now that Mr. Putin has given the world the Covid vaccine we should be really thankful and salute him whenever we get to see him unlike that disrespectful pigeon.

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