Karen practicing some shuffle steps

Karen O'Connell is a fitness coach who is beginning to learn Shuffle

Karen O’Connell although she recognizes that it is not as simple as it seems, the reality is that from experience she knows that practice makes perfect.

Karen O’Connell as coach has more in mind that the most difficult thing is the beginning.

Karen OConnell is someone very cheerful
Karen O’Connell is someone very cheerful

When you do the usual practice and even in an orderly way, you progress more.

Although Karen O’Connell’s social media contains more content about fitness, she has shown her growing appreciation for Shuffle’s steps.

He already has some videos dancing Shuffle, in which he shows his joy for his progress, even for his joy to see that he still has a lot to improve.

Karen OConnell is a dedicated fitness trainer
Karen O’Connell is someone very cheerful

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