I am chubby

I am chubby and i love it.

She is happy with herself and that is the most important thing.

It is difficult to satisfy the eye of others, but it can become more difficult to satisfy our own, so whoever comes to accept himself as he is, always manages to feel comfortable.

I am chubby
I am happy to be chubby

To start accepting yourself as you are, remember this important observation… we are all different and we all have imperfections.

There is not a single person in the world who can say “I am perfect”, but there are many who have reached an emotional state of self-acceptance who recognize “I am perfect as I am and I like it”

It is difficult to achieve self-love that does not conflict with the opinion of others, but when you do, satisfaction with yourself is fascinating.

To love one self is the begining of a lifelong romance
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