Extreme training

Training without rest

This girl takes exercise very seriously, barely blinking, going from one movement to another.

It is more common than it seems that some people take exercise as extreme.

Fitness Workout

There are also extreme routine systems, people who prefer it are on the rise.

Especially those who have already reached a high level of training and want to take their capacity to even more extreme points.

However for someone starting out, this could backfire.

Fitball Workout

Although the training spaces are normally comfortable and intended to provide security.

Fitness Workout legs training

The reality is that something as simple as poor personal preparation can cause damage to our muscles. Warming up and knowing, in addition to respecting our limits, can free us from a muscle tear, which we can end up regretting.

First of all we must bear in mind that if we love to exercise, we must do it responsibly.

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