Angry baby

"I don't see the grace in him," he said.

Babies are commonly happy and it is even rare to see an angry baby, of course the facet of a baby can be as varied as that of an adult, all the muscles are already there, only the right state should be given.

Even in the case of babies they have a more expressive tendency than that of us adults, thanks to this they can let us know many of their feelings.

The experience and knowing our babies can help us understand under what circumstances they may be in one or another state of mind.

We said at the beginning that you are hardly angry as a baby and this is because babies normally receive a lot of attention from their parents, an increasing dose of love and above all attention.

Although there are silent children, the angry ones would often have to see a similar face to be able to constantly imitate it, either by play or because the environment is really tense.

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